Updated on 12/01/2015

Like most developers, I do not hesitate to call on external partners: experts who excel in their profession. This can happen on specific projects that require lots of resources and external advice. These are for me the people I can trust, references in their field of competence, and above all friends with whom I stayed in contact for several years.

Laurent Sayer – Developer

Passionate about internet and its possibilities since the age of 12, he specialized his studies and professional life from this passion. After studies in computer science, he become technical director and willing to open their horizons to new projects, and evolved into an independent status.

Discover Laurent's universe on his website:

S├ębastien Varinois – Webdesigner Webmaster

Self-taught and passionate about graphic design and web businesses, S├ębastien assists you in building your visibility. Creative, dynamic and versatile, skills range from visual design to programming through the technical implementation of a website.

Discover Sebastian's universe on his website:

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