Updated on 10/15/2013

My qualifications are my pride. For me, having a degree, it is above all the recognition of the work and efforts during my education: they are the culmination of studies. Thank to it, the integration in development teams has always been easy for me. My will to complete my studies up to the undergraduate level lies in the fact that I wanted to integrate quickly the world of work.

Bachelor in Computer Science

Sciences Faculty

Studies from September 2008 to June 2009.

Faculté des Sciences de La Rochelle
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HND in Computer Science

University Institute of Technology

Studies from September 2006 to June 2008.

Institut Universitaire de Technologie de La Rochelle
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A-Levels in Science

High School of Jaufré Rudel

Studies from September 2003 to June 2006.

Lycée Jaufré Rudel de Blaye
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  • June2009

    Bachelor in Computer Science, DM option

    Sciences Faculty of La Rochelle (17, France)

    • Digital Media (DM)
    • Advanced websites
    • Databases management systems
    • Network, client/server architecture
    • Image processing, image analysis and image synthesis
    • Video games programming
    • Man/machine interfaces
  • June2008

    HND in Computer Science, CE option

    University Institute of Technology of La Rochelle (17, France)

    • Computer Engineering (CE)
    • Information systems analysis and conception
    • Databases management systems
    • Object-oriented programming, algorithms, data structures
    • Hardware architecture and operating systems
    • Software engineering
    • Network, client/server architecture
  • June2006

    A-Levels in Science, ES option

    High School of Jaufré Rudel of Blaye (33, France)

    • Engineering Science (ES)
    • Industrial systems
    • Mechanics
    • Electronics

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