Web & Software Developer

Passionate and captivated for over ten years by computer science, I have acquired skills that now allow me to work as part of a team on various web and software projects. I am currently working in a creative web studio specialized in interactive design – Studio MOTIOXavier, La Rochelle
Xavier Foucrier


My computer skills are fundamental and essential. It provides me to give life to my ideas and projects, while keeping one foot on land and one hand on the keyboard!

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My path and my training led me directly on the field, in the middle of the action. There, I could begin to discover new ways to work and learn new programming languages.

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On weekdays, weekends and even on vacation, I do not miss an opportunity to find new ideas and new development concepts. Above all I am a dreamer, sometimes too ambitious!

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Need a boost in computer programming, want to know a little more about me or send me a message? You will find everything you need on the contact page of the website.

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